Wednesday, June 8, 2011

We are originally from New York, Connecticut, Washington D.C., Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Kentucky, Georgia, Florida,Wisconsin, Michigan, Texas, Washington, California, Japan, Hong Kong, Israel, Italy and Germany.

We love to make books, play the piano, create pure and natural skin care with spirit, design and create jewelry, knit and crochet, draw whimsical illustrations, create pieces of art from simple photographs, photograph the world, make collage art, screen-print, create handmade natural products, be graphic designers, paint and in general be creative!

We are inspired by music, film, color, light, textures, design, eccentrics, random acts of kindness, love, weather, personalities, science, people, education, faith, different cultures, our children and spouses, travel, other creative people in NYC and beyond, the endless amount of craft and supply stores in NY, the juxtaposition of old and new, art, the city and everything around us, the beauty in things not often seen as beautiful, books (all types: children's, fairytales, folktales, vintage), fashion, memories, new places and cultures, nature (especially rabbits and other animals, birds, the sea, trees, flowers), independent shops and boutiques, art, architecture, design excellence, literature, beautiful stones, old objects, the 5 Boroughs Team, good stories and by each other.

We are the 5 Boroughs Team!


  1. thanks so much to brooke from porter gulch for this wonderful introduction to the 5 boroughs on etsy.

  2. wow! this is awesome :-) go 5 boroughs team!!

  3. Can't wait to see the next post! :D