About Us

About this team

We are 5 Boroughs, an eclectic band of artists as creatively diverse as the vibrant, multicultural city we represent.

Our mission is to work together to promote our shops through shared passion, collaboration, supportive treasury-making, and meaningful networking.

Team captain
Team leaders

How to join?

5 Boroughs Team is moderated team with the following requirements:
Applicants must be approved by the team leader. Criteria for membership is as follows:
  • must live and/or work in NYC
  • must have a working shop on Etsy with high-quality products and photography
  • must be willing to make 2 treasuries per month featuring at least 6 shop owners from the 5 Boroughs team.
  • while we only ask you to make 2 treasuries per month, we would like these treasuries to be as creative and conceptual as possible, and be directly connected to one of etsy's posted merchandise themes of the month. we're shooting for FP quality treasuries.
  • must participate in our weekly treasury challenge/teammate of the week promotion at least twice per month
  • should be able to comment on team treasuries whenever possible
  • should be willing to participate in discussions that are relevant to NYC etsy shop owners
  • should try to promote the 5 Boroughs team and its members through other social networking vehicles, i.e.: facebook, twitter, tumblr, pinterest, etc.
  • most importantly, must participate in activities related to our 5 Boroughs Blog scheduled to launch on June 1, 2011

Currently, we are full in the following categories:
  • jewelry
  • photography
  • t-shirts

Where to join?

Visit our team page at the Etsy community section to apply.