Tuesday, December 6, 2011

West Elm + Etsy + 5 Boroughs Team = A fun night!

Everyone got to make an ornament or two for themselves and YMCA!

West Elm and Etsy joined together on Dec 1 to launch a national party at the West Elm locations. West Elm selected Etsy sellers and put them at their locations around US to sell for one evening, and Etsy folks hosted a handmade craft night on handmade paper ornaments. In New York, 5 Boroughs Team was there to help at the craft night table. And it was packed! Many good friends of Etsy came to play with us and we had a blast making ornaments to hang on this beautiful tree, which will go to YMCA on 63rd Street, Manhattan.
~ Reported by Debbie of Bunnies Can Dream / Harlequin&Lionhead

Our very own MyCintaAt the ornament table
Amazing how some colored stamps of circle and triangular shapes can become in the hands of creative people at the table!Lori of LL Editions with our captain Patricia
Our team leader, Milly of CutiePieCompanyOur captain Patricia of WellWornPassport

And we are very excited to find our teammate, Aki of Oktak chosen by West Elm to hold a table for her shop at their retail store. She is also a featured seller on Etsy. 
Click here to read more about her!

Aki (Right) and her photographer friend
Aki's beautiful creation of coin purses, clutches and pocket mirrors
Her little Christmas tree ornaments are made of felt
Well, my little handmade paper ornament may not be as colorful...but it is also made with loads of love. 
I wish you all a very happy holiday and a fantastic time with your family this season!

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