Monday, June 13, 2011

Meet Patricia from WellwornPassport

Lucky you! You have found the blog of the 5 Boroughs Team which was formed on and is a New York City based team of creators/artists/crafters. I had a few minutes to chat with this team’s captain, Patricia Oris, who herself has a passion for travel photography, which is beautifully displayed in her Etsy shop WellwornPassport.

BB: Who makes up the 5 Boroughs Team and what is the team’s mission?

PO: I launched the 5 Boroughs Teams as a way to connect with NYC artists and artisans from whom I draw daily inspiration. I also hoped we could find a way to work collaboratively to promote our collective talents and products.
Our team is very diverse: members paint, photograph, draw, design, knit, crochet, metal smith, sew, and collect vintage goods. We make jewelry, art, lingerie, pillows and handbags.

BB: That’s quite a wide variety! Sounds like a great, multi-talented group! What accomplishments has the team made so far?

PO: Our efforts thus far have included treasury challenges (in which a theme is chosen and members can create their own interpretation of that theme by choosing 16 Etsy items that they feel represent that theme, especially including 5 Boroughs Team members items), 1 front-page placement, a Facebook page, and this recently launched 5 Boroughs Blog!
Members of the team gathered together recently to discuss the status and direction of the team. As a result, in addition to the initiatives mentioned above, we will to organize team participation in upcoming arts and crafts fairs in NYC and surrounding regions.

BB: Sounds like quite a lot is getting accomplished for such a new team. If someone wants to join, what is expected of new members? Who can join?

PO: People who live and/or work in any of the 5 boroughs of New York City should join the 5 Boroughs Team if they are interested in collaborating on the promotion of NYC-based artists and artisans selling on Etsy. We are a loosely organized group, not big on rules and requirements, but we do try to get things done, and for that we need engagement and some effort from members.

BB: This is a great opportunity for crafters, artists, makers of things in the New York City area to help promote their shop and their love of handmade goods. Now what can you tell us about your own Etsy shop, your inspiration, and your craft?

PO: While traveling for work, I discovered my personal passion: travel photography. In the beginning, I photographed every place I visited just to documents my travels. What began as a typical tourist exercise, gradually become more and more of an obsession.

I really enjoy the way I experience a place and a culture when I see it through the lens of a camera. Suddenly, through a lens, I see poignant vignettes I might have missed without my camera. I see beautiful compositions of colors and textures. I see interesting perspectives and people. Now, travel photography is my passion, and I take hundreds of photographs every day while on the road. I particularly enjoy shooting art, architecture, and markets and shops.

Photography and collage art, are forms of creative expression for me. If people like them/buy them, it pleases me very much. But, what is more important to me is the process of creating. For me, having a shop on Etsy is a creative exercise in and of itself, and I most appreciate it as that.

BB: As an Etsy shop owner myself, I couldn’t agree more. Thanks so much Patricia, for this look inside the 5 Boroughs Team and your own lovely shop and its inspirations!

Also, Patricia says to keep an eye on her shop as she will soon be posting a few new pieces in her shop that feature photography in the form of collage. Sounds like more beautiful work in in the making!

Interview by Trish of BrooklynBags

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  1. great job with the interview, Trisha! Thanks to Patricia for bringing us all together :-)