Monday, October 3, 2011

Be creative with your space

Earlier this week I was browsing around Anthropologie for some display idea for my coming craft show in Chelsea and took a couple snapshots of the beautiful display at their Union Square NYC shop. Anthropologie is my go-to place if I have a bad day or if I need some inspiration. 

You will probably find my Bunnies Can Dream jewelry very much perfect to go with a lot of their clothes. You may even recognize some of their tops in my product shots in my Etsy shop. Or you may notice that in my Harlequin&Lionhead shop, all the gold plated items are shot on a ceramic textured background, that is actually a vase I bought from Anthropologie which looks like wood.

I can always find great jewelry display items from their shop. And the rabbit mascot I have at my craft booth actually came from them. So there you go. One of my inspirations is Anthropologie ;)

The thing I love most about them is not only the beautiful merchandizes, but their creative team is amazing in using some of the pieces that you would not have imagined to dress up and turn them into something interesting for their store display. Like the book-steps above, or these hangers below. 

Next time when you come back from the dry cleaners, don't throw out the hangers. Add some pretty paper and dress them up for your storage. Or add a sheet of poly-cotton filling behind a piece of fabric, and glue/sew them onto the hanger and you have a lovely lingerie hanger for free!

Be creative and stay happy!

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